I Believe in Me

I believe that I was put on earth to do great things and I find a way to do them . I am here to comfort the afflicted, those who struggle and are labeled and I help them to understand that they are far more than their labels.

I myself have been labeled and I label myself. Sometimes as the mood arises I call myself a local oddball. I feel that is okay because people are laughing with me and they say they’re oddballs, too.  I say these things for the sheer enjoyment of knowing that I can feel like a child playing make-believe by saying them.

In my real life I am much more powerful and excited about  being wrapped up in having a good life. I  ask questions, listen, pay attention as my way of doing great things.  My idea of doing great things varies from day-to-day.

When I lived with depression doing a great thing meant getting dressed and talking with someone. Anyone who would help me to resist whatever bleak thoughts were afflicting me. The night that I heard a ghost torturing my sister, I told him to leave her alone. When I was talking with a hospital recently and they asked why I had referred a poor person to them, I told them, that it was because they’re supposed to help people. And I thought that was a great thing to do.

Now the pleasure in every day goodness is all I need to keep me alive. It does not pay the bills, but it gives me something even better which is a sense of purpose. So as long as I draw breath you can bet I will be out there making a difference. That’s why I believe in me and  I hope you believe in me, too.


This is where my people came from but who knows what I will be able to accomplish?


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