Top 10 reasons for having African-Americans

Apart from out ability to outrun, out jump and slam a tennis ball down your throats, these are good reasons why we are the bomb.

10. We come in a variety of colors from (damn near) almost white to sweet dark chocolate with textures and features to match. Mix with us and you will enjoy.

9. We were the first people .Yes, all you creamy-colored sitting in the tanning salon folks. At some point, your ancestors left our little paradise and decided some place cooler. So, most of us are Africans, some of us just left the Mother earlier. You may even deny the link between us, but we all came from Africa.

8. Jazz. You can translate it into a million different languages, but it still came from Africans born in America.

7. Sidney. He was always the complete gentleman. If I had been a woman, I would have married him. And dared you to mess with him.

6. Barack and Michelle. I think that behind the racist pictures white people create to mock Barack and Michelle Obama, there is a lot of envy. These are 2 very nice people who found each other and physically, they done produced 2 beautiful girls.

5. Africa: let me think about how many European countries tried to rape our mother continent. Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, England, Portugal and Italy that I can name right off the bat. And don’t forget America and dozens of countries propping up Apartheid South Africa, Mozambique and Angola. Some folks are still scrambling for blood diamonds from all over the continent.

4. Our ancestors: in Mexico. If you read the book, They Came Before Columbus, you will know of what I speak. we built the pyramids in Mexico. And don’t forget “Lucy.”  To my knowledge,   our oldest ancestor from millions of years ago  as we evolved.

3. Our families. We may even dislike our brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, et. al but without them we probably would not be here.

2. Our loved ones. Why are these different from our families, you may ask. We may have people who we married who helped to nurture us but were not African-American. Where would Barack Obama be without the whites in his family? Tiger Woods’ mother was Korean. I  married an Irish-American woman.  The list goes on. Our so-called “Races” are not pure.

1. This brings us naturally, to ourselves, those of us in the US, Cuba, South America, or wherever else we may be.  So long as we are of African descent, we are of that heritage.

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