Supportive Housing in Milwaukee

This is from an email message I received from Martha Brown. She is with the Department of City Development and is staffing the City County Commission on Supportive Housing.

I wanted to let you know about two significant permanent supportive housing milestones in September.

1) Today, 48 new residents of Johnston Center Residences began moving into their new apartments at 1230 W. Grant St. This group of residents will live in the renovated portion of the complex.  Work is nearing completion on the building addition, which contains about 40 more apartments. Mercy Housing of Chicago is the developer, and Hope House will provide supportive services to residents. A grand opening has been tentatively scheduled for the morning of November 18th. Ill provide more details when the time and date are finalized.

2) Groundbreaking has been scheduled for 11 am Wednesday, September 22, 2010, at Capuchin Apartments, a 38-unit permanent supportive housing complex at 2501 W. Fond du Lac Ave. The project is a collaborative effort of Heartland Housing and St. Bens meal program; The Guest House of Milwaukee will provide supportive services when the apartments are occupied next year. Commissioners are welcome to attend the groundbreaking.

Meanwhile, construction is nearing completion at Empowerment Village National, 1517 W. National Ave., and walls are up at Veterans Manor, located on the corner of 35th and Wisconsin Ave.

Its great to see the signs of visible progress in our communitys effort to provide high-quality affordable permanent supportive housing units to individuals at risk of homelessness. Thanks for your continued advocacy on behalf of this initiative.


Flash forward to January2012 I looked on my blog and saw that someone had checked out this article. Empowerment Village National and Empowerment Village Lincoln have both been completed and I work there as a peer specialist.

Veterans Manor and the Capuchin building were completed last year. These buildings are examples of what Milwaukee does well in helping people. I was recently informed that two graduates of supportive housing have remained employed for seven years and are living in the community.  There are people getting the support and assistance that they need to blend into society. But their stories are seldom told. I talk about it every day on my blog.

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One thought on “Supportive Housing in Milwaukee

  1. There was an editorial in today’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about great reporting leading to change. It harkened back to the series Abandoning Our Mentally Ill that led to the formation of the City County Commission on Supportive Housing that I chaired for 2 years and the ribbon cutting last week at the Johnson Center Apartments. Incredibly, the response to the editorial has has ranged from someone having a beef with NAMI to a writer worried that the articles put the Milwaukee County Mental Health workers in a bad light.

    No one dealt with the fact that thanks to the efforts of many, including the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, many long term people who had been homeless are living in safe affordable housing as the holiday season approaches. Frankly I shouldn’t be surprised. Too often people responding to articles on the Journal Sentinel website are hyped up on trying to score talking points instead of responding to the issues raised in the paper. The are solutions available to the problems facing Milwaukee but we’re not going to find them by shouting back and forth at one another.


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