Oxymoron: Scott Walker Able Executive

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I just read an article about the debate between Scott Walker and Mark Neumann Republican candidates for governor of Wisconsin. The OnWisconsin.com article said that Walker was running based on his record as Milwaukee County Executive. The guy who just shifted John Chianelli from his position as Administrator of the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex. The guy whose leadership was questioned by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel when it called for him to fire Chianelli and more in light of the ongoing scandal involving the staffing shortages, assaults on patients and falsification of records. This is the same Walker who continues to degrade our service on the Milwaukee County Transit System while continuing to raise fares. The same Walker on whose watch we’ve seen our parks and our county buildings deteriorate, causing one death.

And don’t get me started on the mess involving the administration in  the food stamp program that led the State of Wisconsin to take over that program. as if all this was not enough, there was a report from Sheriff Clarke about the lack of security at the Mental Health Complex.  Does this sound like an able executive? I vote no confidence in Walker and I urge everyone to sign the petition from Tom Barrett for governor about stopping the abuse.

I was disgusted that the right-wing bought the governor’s race for Walker. He is even worse now that he has more power being in Madison with a compliant state legislature that wins through gerrymandering the districts. We keep protesting and perhaps the voters will wake up. Meanwhile, stay tuned, because there is an investigation of the right-wing money factory that may yield tangible results.